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Blog Post How exactly to utilize an Elgato HD60S with a Laptop to Record or Stream Console Gameplay




How exactly to utilize an Elgato HD60S with a Laptop to Record or Stream Console Gameplay

How exactly to utilize an Elgato HD60S with a Laptop to Record or Stream Console Gameplay

Plus a essential action to just just simply take when you have a PS4

The Elgato HD60S is a outside capture card that may be used to record or stream system game play using A computer. Whilst many capture cards slot to the PCI-E slot of the Computer, the HD60S is external, therefore you may use your laptop computer. In this guide, explain how you we’ll may use an Elgato HD60S together with your laptop computer.

We’re going to proceed through each step of the process therefore you get the process right that you can ensure. When it comes to many part, all you could’ll have to do is have the proper pc computer computer computer software on your computer and plug things in properly. If you should be utilizing a PS4, you will have one action you are going to need certainly to follow ahead of the HD60S will continue to work. We are going to explain everything below.

Setup Console for Recording or Streaming

Firstly, you must first turn off HDCP in the settings menu if you are using a PS4. To achieve this, start your PS4 and then navigate towards the settings menu. Navigate to your base for the settings menu and select ‘System’. From there, untick the ‘Enable HDCP’ choice. Restart your PS4.

Next, visit Elgato to down load the required software. You will need certainly to restart your laptop computer after installing.

As soon as you’ve done that, it is time and energy to link your PS4 to your laptop computer. Because of this to work, you are going to require an HDMI cable, while the included USB-C to USB 3.0 cable that was included with the Elgato HD60S.

Your laptop computer will need to have the after specs.

As soon as you’ve confirmed your laptop computer has these elements, simply take your Elgato HD60S and link it to your system through the ‘HDMI in’ slot.

Next, you need to link the USB-C port on the Elgato HD60S to a free of charge USB 3.0 or 3.1 slot on your own laptop computer. Note: it should be 3.0 or more or it shall perhaps perhaps perhaps not work.

As of this true point, at this point you have actually two alternatives. You may either link the PS4 sign to your laptop computer through the HDMI out, or you can make use of that HDMI out and link it up to a television. Aided by the latter option, you will have the ability to see the PS4 sign in your television as normal. In the event that you do not have 2nd display or a television, you are going to need certainly to see the overall game through the capture computer pc computer software. We are going to protect that next.

Record or Stream having an Elgato HD60S

Now you have actually the Elgato HD60S linked to your laptop computer properly, it is time for you to set within the streaming software. We’d suggest utilizing OBS Studio. You’ll install it right right right here.

The‘+’ under the Sources box and select ‘Video Capture Device’ option on OBS, click.

Next, you will have to select ‘Elgato Game Capture HD’ into the device dropdown field. OBS will now select up the video clip from your own system.

Finally, for OBS to select up the sound, you must right click on the new ‘Video Capture Device’ in your sources package in OBS and then click Properties. The‘Audio Output Mode’ drop down box in the properties windows, scroll to the bottom and click. Choose ‘Output desktop sound (WaveOut)’.

Nowadays there are two routes that are different just simply just simply take:

In the event that you plugged the HDMI into the laptop computer: you’re all set – you can start recording or streaming as normal and all sorts of sound and video clip can be seen through OBS Studio. Press F11 to look at it in complete display.

In the event that you plugged the HDMI into another display: you are going to have to connect your headphones in to the sound port in the Elgato HD60S to know the sound.

If you are brand not used to OBS, you will find mainly a few things to think about. Firstly, if you should be simply recording, it is possible to click on the settings switch from the base right of OBS and then click on the production tab. From right right here, make fully sure your recording structure is placed to MP4.

If you would like to stream, click Settings and make use of the flow tab. Some solutions, like Twitch, will assist you to signal right in through OBS. Other solutions will demand you to definitely duplicate and paste the flow key from your own streaming account dashboard.

As soon as arranged, everything you need to do is‘Start that is click’ or ‘Start Recording’ from the key OBS dashboard to start. If you want, you are able to click to record and stream during the same time.


That brings us towards the end of y our guide on how best to make use of an Elgato HD60S having a laptop computer. I really hope that this guide has shown to be helpful. As I can if you need any help or you’re unsure about some of the steps, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon.

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