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HIMS Hospital Information Management System Category: application-development, design, web, web-design, web-programming,

System (HIMS) is very precise and cost cutting and efficient management system. It is a desktop application and can be converted easily into web based. It’s very accurate in its approach and suits all environments for medium or small scale hospitals. The system includes major modules like Patient registration, Inventory, wards management, accounts, assets, labs etc.

A comprehensive package that includes various modules which cater to different functional areas of healthcare. ITSOCEAN  HIMS offers you the flexibility to choose and implement only those modules which are required for your management system. ITSOCEAN  HMS is developed on VB.Net and MS SQL 2000. This ensures that data is secured and can be recovered in case of a system failure. HIMS contains 20 modules. It can be broadly divided into four major sub-categories i.e. Patient Care, Hospital Administration, Clinical Support and Ancillary Services.

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